JavaScript Course Description
JavaScript is a client side interpreted scripting language. Major Internet browsers have a JavaScript interpreter built right in. JavaScript enables web pages to respond dynamically to user interaction. For instance, we can use it to modify the elements of an otherwise static web page when a user clicks a certain region or screen widget. Many other types of events can also be processed programmatically. Scripts can be woven right into HTML pages, or imported from a file. JavaScript syntax is based on that of Java, but otherwise is a completely different language. It is an excellent choice for the beginning programmer student and experienced coders as well.

Prerequisites: The JavaScript course is targeted and paced for individuals with no prior knowledge of programming. However, some familiarity with HTML is recommended.

JavaScript Course Syllabus


• Basic Syntax, Input and Output
• Variables and Operators
• Working with Text Values
• Text Operations
• Variables with Numeric Values
• Numeric Operations
• Variables with Boolean Values
• Control Statements
• Conditional branch statements
• Looping constructs
• Defining functions
• JavaScript Objects
• Methods and Properties
• Creating New Objects
• HTML event handling
• The Document Object Model
• Preprocessing form data
• Working with HTML elements to create a dynamic site
• JSON objects
• Closures
• Extensions


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